Ilene Joyce Gamboa is the proud owner + designer of much love, iIly. In November 2009, a nickname from her darling fiancé and the closing remark of her handmade note cards culminated in the launch of much love, illy. Illy's store has since blossomed into a collection of hair accessories, corsages + jewellery, featuring her signature felt poppies; handmade with much love, from Illy. 


For Matt Wheeler, whittling began around a campfire with a pocket knife and the desire to pass the time. This whimsical hobby soon became gifts, and when people could no longer wait until their birthdays it became a business in 2010. The rediscovery of the romance, history and methods of this antiquaited craft is the inspiration for The Whittler's range of designer objects and  laser-cut jewellery.





Artist Lauren Webster began splashing paint around beyond the canvas and making designs for her own home, knowing the kind of furnishings she imagined for herself could not be bought. It wasn’t long before LAUREN & THE LOST BOYS was born, along with a desire to encourage interiors and lifestyles with a cheeky + youthful edge.

Mary Lynn Schroeder

in blue is Mary Lynn Schroeder, living in rural Illinois in the middle of the United States. Each piece is made with her own hands, inspired by the ever changing landscape of where she is, where she has been and where she dreams to go. Her studio is nestled in the back of dayshift, her artists boutique, which features a family of 40 artist's works.